Youth & Women Empowerment

At JEOF, we believe that the economic future of any community is dependent on the economic capacity of its constituent youths, and people as a whole. We therefore tailor various grassroots capacity building initiatives towards empowering community Youths and Women to maximize their potentials and local resources while achieving their personal dreams and ultimately contributing to community and economic development.  

Our Community Youth & Women Empowerment Initiatives include:

Vocational Training & Skills development: The neglect of technical and vocational education plays a major role in the high unemployment and rising poverty among the youth and women because many of them lack basic job skills. They are struggling with the challenge of acquiring “employability” skills because the society is focused mostly on formal university education.

At JEOF, we believe that an investment in skill training is a worthwhile social investment. To reduce the burden of unemployment and poverty JEOF empowers youths and women with needed skills to support their households by learning a lifelong skill or trade. The Foundation also goes a step further to support hardworking beneficiaries through its micro finance scheme.

 Youth Engagement through Sports, Recreation & Cultural Interaction for Development: The active engagement of youth is essential to national development, to promoting a culture of peace and enabling social cohesion. The Foundation seeks to capture the attention of youths through civic engagement and leadership using sports and recreation as a tool.

Engaging youth requires innovative strategies to help propel them to be productive citizens. The Foundation achieves this using football, chess, cultural integration and art as a unifying tool to mentor and also provide leadership sessions to youths in rural communities.    

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