Educational Programs

Education remains one of the most powerful weapons in fighting poverty, as no nation can grow beyond the knowledge base of its citizenry. At JEOF, education is not viewed as an end in itself but productive investment in the life of every disadvantaged and vulnerable child and youth to help them break the cycle of poverty in their families, communities and the nation as a whole.

i. Stay in School Scholarship ProgramThrough the Stay in School Program, JEOF offers full scholarship award to orphans and vulnerable children and youths from less privileged backgrounds who cannot meet up with the cost of their tuition fees. The scholarship program cuts across primary, secondary and local tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Click here to learn more about our Scholarship Program.

ii.  School Infrastructure Development & Teacher’s Training: Students need a conducive school environment to learn. This means having the availability of appropriate facilities. To tackle the emergent needs of public schools lacking access to basic facilities such as adequate furniture, reading materials, lavatories, sickbays among others, JEOF supports public schools with the provision of crucial amenities to improve learning by supporting infrastructural development through the distribution of school materials.

We also offer training to teachers to better equip them in handling the challenging academic needs of students prevalent in schools, especially in the areas of ICT.

iii. Read to Lead Library Project:  One of the most fundamental areas responsible for the dwindling educational standards and fortunes in our educational system today especially at the secondary school level is the lack of or  poor  standard  of libraries and its utilization among students.

The overall goal of the JEOF Read to Lead library project is to create an environment where students would be inspired and challenged to learn and reach their fullest potential, while also addressing the specific library needs of each school with the aim to support each school’s curriculum and serve as the educational heart of the school.  

iv.  A.S.P.I.R.E to Become Mentorship Program: The need for mentoring programs among adolescence of impressionable age(s) is indisputable. Over 30 percent of children live in households headed by young children, a single parent or no parent – a rate that has doubled over the years. Adolescence is a transitory period between childhood and adulthood, during this period an individual is seen neither as a child nor as an adult.   Adolescents are characterized by emotional instabilities and hyper-activities, which cause them to experience storms and stress.

The period of adolescence is very important to the development of an individual. Any laxity on the part of the parents, teachers, and those in authority in assisting and guiding the adolescents may result in academic backwardness and development of unwholesome behaviors. The foundation of what a person becomes in the society is laid in the home and school at the initial stage of life. Society therefore has an important role to play in seeing to it that the youths acquire the appropriate social, psychological, moral and academic development.  

v. Learning is Fun:  This is a back to school program aimed at welcoming pupils in public primary schools to a new academic year in a fun and exciting way, after the very long holidays. The program typically holds in the months of September and October. The Foundation provides pupils with educational materials, stationery, educational games as well as talks on leadership and mentorship to psyche them up for a new academic year.

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