JEOF- The NGO That’s Investing in Education across Nigeria

February 16th 2017, Press Release

The Joseph and Eunice Oladaiye Foundation (JEOF) can sum up its philosophy in three simple words: “service to humanity”.

By choosing not to align itself with any one cause, the Lagos-based non-profit keeps its horizons open. As a result, JEOF has come to administer a diverse array of programs.

Education, healthcare and youth empowerment are just a few of the causes embedded in JEOF’s initiatives. Though conceived in accordance with a long-term vision, the programs have produced tangible results at a consistent rate since the Foundation’s establishment in 2008.

“Our every action is geared towards positively improving the lives of those we serve, and using every opportunity given to us to leave a legacy of hope,” Claire Henshaw, who came on board at JEOF as Program Director just over a year ago, told The Borgen Project.

Seizing every opportunity that comes their way is a small, seasoned and exceptionally passionate staff. Henshaw cites their zeal as one of the reasons she was drawn to the Foundation in the first place…. read more >>

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