Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of JEOF include:

1.1 The Foundation shall engage/support educational development and advancement through the distribution of school materials. Renovation of educational Institution, establish educational institutions and bursary to deserving candidates in secondary schools and higher institutions having an annual value as may be set and approved by the Trustees annually, but always having regard to the considerations stated in Article 11 of the Foundation’s constitution.

1.2 There shall be no fixed number of scholarships/bursary award, the number according to the Trustees may be in their discretion, but always having regard to the considerations stated in Article 11.

1.3 Eligible student must be needy students who have satisfied the Trustees that they genuinely do not have available request resources to finance their education. “Requisite Resources” should be taken to mean, not only students with no resources but also those whose resources are, in the opinion of the Trustees, inadequate.

2 The Foundation shall engage in Health Improvement Initiative, primary health, clinic, environmental health, mobile clinic and rescue ambulance provision. It shall create awareness on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health.

3 The Foundation shall provide Social Amenities in Rural Areas such as well, borehole, electricity, market and Civic Centre. Support for environmental degradation and disaster management.

4 It shall support Aged People, build and finance the running of old peoples home, support motherless and orphanage homes as well as development of Elders and the Aged. Support propagation of moral teachings, religion programs and projects.

5 The Foundation shall engage in training and capacity building, computer appreciation, entrepreneurship and micro finance program and financing.

6 The Foundation shall engage in Youth and Women Empowerment Programs, vocational training, skill acquisition and career talk.

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